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Mother smiling at her newborn after homebirth


Private Workshops

These flexible workshops offer parents personalized preparation in the comfort and privacy or your own home. Choose from our set prenatal class curriculum or customize the content based on your specific circumstances, budget and time preferences. Our private workshops allow you to fully benefit from our expertise as Registered Midwives.

We also offer all of our private workshops via live interactive zoom sessions for people who live outside of Calgary or those who continue to be cautious of COVID-19 in group settings.

Please contact us for more information about pricing or to arrange a private session.

**Please note we are fully booked for 2023 private workshops.**


  • Those who prefer privacy and one-on-one instruction

  • Parents with special pregnancy/birth circumstances

  • Those unable to attend our scheduled workshops

  • Parents who were unable to obtain Midwifery care but still hoping for personalized guidance and education


Sessions can follow our set workshop curriculum or can include customizable topics such as:

  • Twin pregnancy and birth

  • Planned cesarean section

  • Vaginal Birth After Cesarean section

  • Birth after loss

  • Those with fetal/maternal health conditions hoping for more support

  • Breastfeeding support


All private workshops include access to exclusive additional content through our new app to supplement our in-person sessions.

You will also be invited to join our private online group where parents can benefit from ongoing support and guidance.


4 hour session

Fee: $375

  • Preparing your body

  • Labour coping and coaching techniques

  • Strategies to support normal birth

  • Minimizing unnecessary interventions

  • Alternative and medical pain relief options

  • Navigating potential challenges and complications


2 hour session

Fee: $175

  • Normal physiological aspects of the breastfeeding journey

  • Fundamentals of latching

  • Normal newborn behaviour

  • Navigating common concerns

  • Recognizing and overcoming breastfeeding challenges

  • How partners can best offer support



2.5 hour session

Fee: $225

  • Psychology of a subsequent birth

  • Labour coping and coaching techniques

  • Strategies to support normal birth

  • Alternative and medical pain relief options

  • Navigating potential challenges and complications

  • Strategies to navigate emotions tied to previous birth experiences

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