BirthWorx is brought to you by Laura Dhanwant and Robyn Cowie, Registered Midwives currently practicing in Calgary, Alberta. 

After initially being brought together as midwifery colleagues, it wasn’t long before our similarities led us to working together on the same team. Our friendship grew from there, sharing in the everyday highs and lows of supporting our clients and relying on each other for emotional support in what is often a challenging profession to navigate.

With an already close friendship, our journeys became inexplicably intertwined when we became pregnant within weeks of one another. It was an incredibly unique experience sharing in such a pivotal stage of life, not only as friends but also by providing each other with midwifery care. It’s certainly not a connection that we imagine many get to experience and this bond was strengthened even further when we gave birth just four days apart. 

As we have continued to navigate the challenges of parenting together, we see a common thread that has weaved itself through our stories: the direct impact that our knowledge and support system has had on every step of our journey.  We have tirelessly researched all the questions and conundrums that were thrown our way during each pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding experience and continue to crop up as we raise our children. The more we discover, the more apparent it's becoming that many other parents are doing just the same. We are all striving to learn and do the best as we raise our children. Looking back we can see how differently so many of our personal experiences would have unfolded had we not had the foundational knowledge and support that we do. 

We know that many people choose midwifery care due to our ability to form strong trusting relationships. However we are acutely aware of the many families who are unable to receive midwifery care due to government funding restrictions, having high risk pregnancies or limited access within their communities. We also recognize that while working within the time constraints of our health care system, even midwives cannot fully prepare families for all aspects of the labour, birth, and parenting experience. 

We believe that everybody has the right to education that is truly comprehensive and goes beyond the basics, in order to become confident informed decision makers. This is what inspired us to reenvision the way we guide families through this transitional stage of life. Through BirthWorx we have combined our own midwifery expertise, love of teaching and personal wisdom to bridge this gap for all families in our community.

- Laura & Robyn


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